Home Editor's Pick 23 Year Old Son Eager and Willing to Marry 40 Year Old Mom

23 Year Old Son Eager and Willing to Marry 40 Year Old Mom

23 Year Old Son Eager and Willing to Marry 40 Year Old Mom

A mother in Zimbabwe is defending her choice to wed her grown-up child, saying that she needs him as opposed to one of the siblings of her dead spouse.

40-year-old Betty Mbereko of Mwenezi uncovered that she is six months pregnant after a sexual association with her child, 23-year-old Farai Mbereko.

betty-farai-mberekoBetty Mbereko said that her late spouse passed on 12 years prior, and his sibling attempted to engage in a sexual intercourse with her while her spouse was still alive. In the wake of being accused of incest, Betty Mbereko told a court that she has a right to wed her child since she paid his school educational cost for a long time and she does not need another lady to profit from her child’s education.

Farai Mbereko said that he is eager to wed his mom, and is notwithstanding eager to pay off the debts of his dad. The court chose to dismiss the charge against the lady.

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